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White Water Trips

White water trips involve paddling a stretch of a river, negotiating the rocks, weirs, drops, waterfalls placed in your way. They are great fun, will push your paddling and are led by an experienced paddler or coach.

White Water Trips come in a range of difficulties, so check with the trip leader if you are interested in signing up for them.

A great way to develop your skills and build your confidence on moving water that involves learning to dodge rocks and control your boat. By their nature these are trips that are going to involve more difficult water. If you are a beginner we will let you know whether this is the trip for you – this means that sometimes the trip leader will say no – this is because the water levels or the difficulty of the trip isn’t right for you at the stage you’re at with your paddling. It’s all about keeping you safe and paddling at a level that’s right for you at that time.

We are totally dependent on water levels – too much rain – some rivers are perfect to paddle, others are dangerous. So, trips might get cancelled or changed at short notice – we will keep you informed if you have signed up for a trip.

We form a WhatsApp group before the trip, so you are kept up to date with plans.