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Barle Trip Postponed for 1 week

Due to the general lack of water we've put the trip back one week.  If you're still itching to paddle join Phil and Carla at Dundas

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Brian Walker, previously a club coach, writes asking for our support with an issue that affects his son, Liam.




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Trip Reports

Trip reports from around the club. If you've been out padding how about filing a trip report here?

Talybont to Crickhowell (30th Nov 2014) PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Canoeing Trips
Written by Paul W   

We, the canoeing and kayaking collective assembled in the damp misty cold morning; Some 14 of us (and Nigel’s niece, who volunteered to sit in the same boat as Nigel – would she regret this?), met in a layby with no clear sight of any moving water. After the usual complaints of cold floors, the squeaking of latex, stretching of neoprene and zippers being zipped, suitably attired there was a short run down to the drop-off down by the river itself. 

Nigel and Niece showing the rest

It was at this point, depending on what you were doing: the car shuffle, or “warm-up exercises” (the hefting of canoes and kayaks over a grassy field to the put-in) , that the early morning fog dissipated and the sun poked it’s head above the treeline into a largely crystal blue sky. The day was looking good.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 22:13
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Beginners Bivi 21st and 22nd September 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Sea Kayaking Trips
Written by Phil Williamson   

Ringstead to Kimmeridge Bay ret. with an overnight bivi.

(Report written by Phil Williamson.  If someone has photos please let us know)


21.3 kilometers / 13.2 miles to the overnight stop and 13.2K / 8.2 M on the return leg, so the whole trip was 34.5K or 21.4M in total.



When we left the Bristol area for Ringstead in Dorset the weather was dull, and misty but warm and as we all met up by the cafe / toilets (£5 per day to park) there was a hint of brightness from the sun. That was how it stayed all day, warm and bright, with no wind to speak of so no cag’s. We met at 10.30 and leisurely packed the boats to be on the water by 12.00 ish. It’s an easy portage down to the shingle beach and in a fairly flat sea state with no onshore wind, an easy launch too.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 21:14
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Avon trip from Bradford-on-Avon to Bathampton 31st August 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Flatwater and Touring Trips
Written by Paul and Margarita   

Open Boaters: Nigel, Jack, Steph, Mark, Paul, Margarita

Kayakers: Tony, Sarah, Holly, Tom, Jeff, Charlotte, Sam

This trip started nice and early for most of us, no thanks to Nigel, who rolled up 30 minutes later, after having miss-communicated the intended meeting time. Ho hum, at least it was dry and warm; the sun was threatening to make an appearance.   After a quick car shuffle we set off along the Avon in 5 open boats and 7 kayaks. The river levels were low, which made for a placid paddle and plenty of chatting.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 September 2014 10:21
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Beginners Sea Kayaking/Bivvy trip 6/7 Sept PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Sea Kayaking Trips
Written by Kennywpara   

Beginners 2 day bivvy/paddle, with Wayne Gibbons, Leonie, Sarah, Pete, Alice, Howell, Emlyn, Martin the flapjack, Sue, Russell, and Ken. Date 6/7 Sept 2014. Clubs represented were 3 NACC, 2 Clevedon CC, 2 AOAC, 2 Cardiff Dragons, 1 SACC, and 1 Bath CC

Day 1. Sidmouth to Seaton, then back to bivvy below Beer Head.

Day 2, Beer Head to Sidmouth, then to Ladram Bay, and return to Sidmouth.

Wayne suggested this route, one he has done before, and we all assembled at the slipway in Sidmouth in perfect conditions. Warm, a little hazy, tho the sun soon cleared, and the sea as calm as a millpond. The sea of course was at its warmest so this was definitely looking like a most benign trip to look forward to. My last couple of days before had seen some epic waters (for a beginner like me).

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 18:27
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Poole Harbour Trip 30th August 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Sea Kayaking Trips
Written by Margarita   

Paddlers: Tony, Mark, Ed, Phil, Sarah, Fiona, Margarita, Duck

We met on a windy, but dry day at Poole Harbour. There were six of us in sea kayaks or touring boats and Mark came in his open canoe fitted with mast, rigging and sail.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 September 2014 10:22
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