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Trip reports from around the club. If you've been out padding how about filing a trip report here?

Skomer Weekend PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Sea Kayaking Trips
Written by Fran Souter   

Posted on Behalf of Fran...


We all arrived at West Hook Farm at the same time – to be greeted by an ice-cream van.  (They must have seen us coming.)  Next morning, up at 6.30am and on the sea at Martin’s Haven at 8.10am.  Weather forecast looked promising – light winds to start increasing to f4 later, cloudy and warm.  The Haven was deserted.  Once launched, we ferry glided across the top of Jack Sound towards Middle Island.  The waves were white and a bit confusing, causing Phil to shout and swear to himself whilst crossing – to the amusement of Ralph and Mark.  Thankfully we all made it! 



Just past North Haven on Skomer we saw numerous puffin nests in the grassy banks above the cliffs – and a couple of puffins flashed past us.  When we reached the Garland Stone just after 9.00 am, Ralph assured us we were on schedule to round the west end of Skomer, before the tide picked up.   As we approached, we could see the tidal race out to sea called Wild Goose Race - very fast and bouncy steam train like waves.  Luckily, the waves closer to the island were smaller, although still a little confused at times.  Passing between a small island we had to paddle hard against the current and there was a sigh of relief when we all made it.  “Only another kilometre before calmer waters” – we had to concentrate hard on the waves which were bouncing off the cliffs whilst paddling towards Pigstone Bay.  We approached another overflow and Ralph had to paddle hard to get up it.  Well done to Margarita who picked a good line to go through.  The rest of us struggled to paddle through and we had two swimmers – Ed – who was rescued by Mark and Ralph and then Mark (as a stopper wave came up and swallowed him whole!).  The water was warm and they both seemed fine after the ordeal.

After this the sea calmed considerably and we explored The Wick, Mew Stone and South Haven.  Ralph kept on saying we hadn’t seen any seals, but we were now blessed with a couple of sightings as well as seeing hoards of sea gulls nesting on tiny rock shelves.  In South Haven we even had puffins floating just in front of us with sand eels in their beaks.  When passing Little Sound we spotted other sea kayakers on the North side of the island playing in the now slightly larger waves.

Leaving the island, we crossed Jack’s Sound again, with more ferry gliding as the currents swapped and changed.  We aimed for the Anvil and were pleased when we got across safely.   We saw more seals, including a well disguised white pup on one of the beaches, closely guarded by its mother swimming in the bay. Time to explore some stunning caves with multiple entrances and cathedral dome shaped roofs.   Back in the sound we found some beautiful rounded waves and “it would be rude not to!” did a bit of surfing.  This was good fun and an excellent opportunity for all to improved our confidence on waves.  We stopped and had lunch at Martin’s Haven just after noon.  There were now quite a few tourists waiting for the boat to Skomer and divers enjoying the clear blue waters.


After lunch we continued north along the coast, just below our cliff top campsite and past a few fishermen.  We were heading for Musselwick Sands, which gets completely cut off at high tide and has steps carved into the rocks from the footpath.  No one was on the beach when we surfed in on small waves – some of us more successfully than others!!  We chilled out on the beach for a while, exploring possible routes out when the tide is in (there were none!).   On the way back the wind had picked up Ralph said “Follow Phil”.  I think the reason Phil was paddling faster than he had all day was the thought of his usual fix of afternoon tea.  His excuse was he was paddling hard against a strong headwind and was the leader.  We definitely finished our paddle at the right time as it was getting a lot harder to paddle.  After packing the kit away, Ralph and I squeezed in another ice cream before “High Tea” at the now very windy campsite.  It was great tasting all the home made cakes – Margarita’s courgette cake and coconut balls and Fran’s banana cake.

We paddled a total of 12.6 miles and had a fantastic time.  All credit to Ed who handled his first sea trip with the Club well and has not been put off!  Also thanks to Ralph whose expertise and knowledge was invaluable.  Saturday was rounded off well with a two mile walk to the pub, (which we had also frequented on Friday night,) - good food, beer and more paddling yarns!


Sadly, on Sunday we were planning to do more paddling in the Sound, but the wind was blowing a hooley - even in Dale - so we went for a walk along the cliff tops and had excellent views of Skomer and Jacks Sound’s tidal race as well as the seals with their pups.

Paddlers:  Ralph, Ed, Margarita, Mark, Phil and Fran.

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13/7/2014 Severn Estuary PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Sea Kayaking Trips
Written by Ralph Childs   

Why waste time on a summers morning in July. Why not get up and go paddling. After meeting by the SARA slipway at Beachley we set off at 0720 heading upstream with the flow. Without much effort we are cruising at about 10mph. We pass Oldbury power station at about the same time as a sailing dingy from the local club there. As we pass the cardinal marker you can get a real feel for the speed of the current. Between Oldbury and Berkeley we can see a ship coming up towards Sharpness.


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River Lugg 11th May 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Flatwater and Touring Trips
Written by Margarita and Paul   

River Lugg 11th May 2014

Paddlers: Nigel + Jack, Stew + Judy, Mark, Margarita + Paul, Richard + Bee, Sarah, Holly, Tom, Ken, Phil

Route: River Lugg from Upper Lye to Lugg Green, 6 miles

The river Lugg is a small, scenic, very windy river with several weirs and quite a lot of trees. This provided plenty of entertainment on this trip.

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Pembrokeshire Sea Kayaking Whitsun Bank Holiday 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Sea Kayaking Trips
Written by Ralph Childs   

With a change of weekend away from August, it worked out well with reasonable weather although the sea temperature had not really warmed up yet. With some new faces coming I decided that people should enjoy the trip and experience three different aspects of sea kayaking.

Day 1 - Sat 24/5 - Island and Currents

Solva was the starting point for this trip. One of the snags with sea kayaking is that at times it can be a walk to the sea, this was one of those days. Thankfully a small stream runs through Solva and into the estuary. The kayaks were floated to a point where it became deep enough to paddle. Here the intrepid group gathered looking out to a bright sky and calm sea, from here we headed west, enjoying the scenery as we hopped from headland to headland until we reached Ramsey sound. At this time it was around 'slack' water. I pointed out a gap called 'suicide gap' by the locals as it has an unusual flow pattern renowned for catching people out, this was the point to head for. Once we reached that destination, through we go to see a small section of the western side of Ramsey. Chance to go through a cave, see a few seals and then find a secluded beach for lunch.

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River Dart Trip Report, 8th March 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Trip Reports - Whitewater Kayaking Trips
Written by Holly M-W   

We couldn’t have asked for a better day, we had beautiful blue skies and low water levels which was ideal for my first time round the loop. We started, as usual, at Newbridge which was packed with other kayakers gearing up for the day ahead. There was time for a few jelly babies and plenty of excited talk about new kit before we set off down the gentle grade two rapids.

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